FCUK boy

Well  hey there fuck boy. How nice of you to drop by And remind me how much you think I need you       Advertisements

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Waiting. I feel like I am constantly waiting for you. Waiting for you to respond. Waiting for you to arrive. Waiting for you to tell me that you love me. Waiting. By the phone In the wings In the shadows Down the street Waiting for you to finally be mine.    

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Passive aggressive. Self centered. Basically the story of my life. I live with you. I live for you. But yet, the only person you seem to live for is you. I tell you about an opportunity for me, and it instantly turns to you. You take me to dinner so I don’t “feel left out” Sharing my […]

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I want to punch holes in the walls I want to hemorrhage And sit in the pool of my being and wonder, …is this it?  

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I cut myself open and watch it bleed My heart hurts so immensely It manifests itself physically I am in so much pain. I want to cut  all of it out Maybe, it will leave with the blood, As quickly as it came.

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I want to paint my nails BLACK So then, the world will know the true color of my soul I want to throw things I want to cry I want to end it all Because, in the end There is no pain

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Side show

I want to tear my innards out. And put them on display for the masses So they may see what my life is like “Come! Gather round the most miserable, happy person tear herself apart” Then maybe, It will stop  

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